Interesting places in Serres

Cave of Alistrati

Cave of Alistrati is one of the biggest caves in Europe. The folly decoration of cave not only includes huge stalactites and stalagmites in many colors but also the rare ekentrites. Ekentrites or elikites are rare formations which are created following unequal ways. The main characteristic of Alistrati's Cave - what make it unique in Greece- is the huge variety of ekentrites.

The cave of Alistrati is 6 km away from the village Alistrati of Serres and you can approach to it from Drama, Kavala and Thessaloniki city (through Serres or Asprovalta). The cave is available for visitors from 1997.

In a very small distance from the entrance of cave is the canyon of Aggitis river.


The canyon of Aggitis river

Few meters away from the railway line which is also next to the Alistratis Cave you will find The canyon of Aggitis river, "vraous" as the people who live in local area call it.

Nobody knows when and how the land devided in two slices and gave an access to the water of "praciados" lake, which as the historian believe, was cavering the low land of Drama, and created the canyon of Aggitis river, one of the most amazing sight of our area. Huge rocks starts from both river banks and create enormous walls to define the river's route. A gorgeous view is composed in front of your eyes and it makes you admire the natural environment.

There are some places more smooth where the visitors can with teacher's help to aproach the narrow path of river's bed. There they will find beautiful beaches and they will enjoy the relaxing course of water in an environment that the only thing you can hear is the noise of birds.

Lailia's forest and ski center

Lailia's forest abstain 25 km from Serres city. The mountain belongs to the Vrontous mountain chain and undoubtedly is a wonderfull location with great natural environment. It is a tall forest of beech and pine trees which is cover an area as long as 33.000 acre. Lailia's crest is at 1850 meters and forest covers the 83% of the mountain and the road net is 110 km.

In the north side of crest in a forest with beech and fir trees in height of 1600 meters is the ski center of Lailia, a creation of Greek alpine club of Serres, which is one of the best in Greece. Offers a basic ski circuit 1000 meters long and 70 meters width. You can approach it with the help of the lift. There is a second circuit of bigger difficulty. With the appropriate lights that are established in the circuit is possible to ski in the dark. Every year in the ski center take place league matches with people from the local area and from all over the Greece.


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