Kerkini lake

Lake Kerkini is roughly pear shaped with its apex at the dam near Lithotopos. It is approximately 15 km long and its maximum width, when full, reaches 8,5 km.

The complexion of the lake has changed after human's intervention. Firstly, in 1970's some changes done for using the lake as reservoir. At 1982 the new, biggest and taller dam was inaugurated next to Lithotopos village which was bouild 400 meters westwards from the old one.

The eastern dike was raised to a level of 39 m a.s.l. and another dike was constructed to the same height, forming the western boundary of the lake near the village of Kerkini.

each year, as the water is used to irrigate crops and the flow of the Strymon is reduced, its level falls to a minimum in late summer or fall. The physiognomy of the lake changes completely as the whole of the delta area is exposed. It is indeed very strange to be able to walk among the bear trees of the forest, seeing last year nests high up in the branches and knowing that, come spring, only the very tops of the trees will be visible, approachable solely by boat.

During the winter the gates at the dam remain open and the river merely flows through the reservoir. At that time water is present only in the pelagic zone. The gates are usually closed some time in February and the gradually rises until it reaches its maximum level, between late May and June. It has been estimated that the water is completely renewed 13 time each year.

Close to 300 species of birds have been recorded in the lake basin and the surrounding mountains. Over 140 species breed in the area, 170 have been observed during migration and 134 species are present in winter.

In a wonderful environment where exist harmonica the water and the forest around the lake is the ideal to place for your vacations. The innumerable kinds of birds and the boats of fisher men from the local area will impress you. Enjoy a row in the lake and observe the beautiful landscape. Kerkini lake, maybe the most important water biotope of Greece is the ideal place to spend unforgettable vacations with your friends or your family.


The map of Kerkini lake


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